MusicTime is a tool that promotes and facilitates communication among people who can play an instrument and enjoy playing in a group, but their current situation does not allow them to do it. Whether due to lack of time required to be part of a formal music group, or due to lack of contacts with the same musical interests. MusicTime offers people a platform  to connect with others and arrange the place and the time to play their favourite music, all in a casual way without the commitment of a continued and formal involvement.

It's a social tool that accommodates the creation of an online community that will also prompt its members to meet and play music together offline in the real world.

It's an app that promotes the more personal side of the virtual profile of the users, in terms of tastes and interests. MusicTime aims to create a community that allows members to distinguish each other depending  on their preferences. MusicTime is all about creating and sustaining a community of musicians, both online, by sharing their music and thoughts and more importantly in the real world, where they can meet up and play together. As a result the users will enhance their network and their musical experiences.

It's an innovative way of communication in the music world for those who consider music as an essential part of their lives.

It's an accessible, encouraging and universal app that promotes the relation between people as much as the value of the musical culture.
Graphic Design, Interaction Design, UI/UX